The Crivitz area has over 400 miles of local trails for you ATV/UTV enthusiasts. Start here and ride trails to any part of the county and beyond. Take a snaky trail or one of the wide forest ATV/UTV roads.

This area is truly an ATV/UTV playground for all levels of riders.

New trails and access roads offer access to lodging, dining, stores and campgrounds. This area is growing every year with new ATV/UTV summer trails.

Some trails you can ride your ATV/UTV during the summer and during the winter. Please check with the local trail system to know which trails allow ATV/UTVs during the winter.

The ATV/UTV trails in the Crivitz area can be divided into two distinct areas, the northern trails and the southern trails.
The northern trails start in Silver Cliff and Athelstane and continue north and east to Goodman, Dunabar, Pembine and eventually to Florence County.
The southern trails start just south of High Falls Flowage and continue south and west into Oconto County.

Trails Maintained by Local Clubs

Near North Trail Riders
Iron Snowshoe Recreational Trail
Dusty Trails ATV Club

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Marinette County Trails
Dusty Trails - Oconto County

Other ATV Links

ATV Regulations in Wisconsin (WDNR)
Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA)

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